Ambassadors Committee:

Meets: 4th Thursday of every month follow Wake Up networking; 9:00-10:00am, location varies
Contact Membership Director for more information
Purpose: The Ambassadors are the “Face of the Chamber”. They are the welcoming and goodwill committee and assist the community with finding local businesses to fit resident’s every need. Call or email one of them for information you need about Puyallup or Sumner.
Blue Review: In addition to committee meetings, Ambassadors also meet monthly at various member locations to hold a “Blue Review”, a written review of Chamber member products and services to share with other members and promote member to member business.

Welcome Home Committee:

Meets: Ad Hoc – Contact Membership Director
Purpose: Provide opportunities for businesses to participate in marketing their company to people who contact the Chamber because they are moving to the area and would like referrals for certain services or products.

The Welcome Home information is distributed in two ways:

  1. Chamber member information is mailed to people requesting information because they are moving to the area. Our Chamber Directories are included in the information packets so all chamber members and their basic contact information is included. If you have advertised in the directory, your expanded advertising will be noted by this relocating audience.
  2. Welcome Home information bags are provided to drop in new residents looking for referrals, provided to city utility departments, and school districts for distribution to new teachers and employees moving to the area.

Economic Development Committee

Meets: Ad Hoc
Purpose: Committee works to create a business friendly governmental, regulatory and tax climate that assists businesses as they create jobs in Puyallup, Sumner & South Hill.

Government Affairs Committee

Meets: 1st Tuesday of every month; 7:30-8:30am, Chamber Board Room, 323 N. Meridian, Puyallup
Purpose: The Government Affairs Committee provides leadership for the Puyallup Sumner Chamber of Commerce’s advocacy of good public policies in our area. Government issues and decisions are being tracked and worked on in an effort to ensure that this is an environment that is conducive to building businesses.

Legislative Agenda 2015: Click here for 2015 Chamber Legislative Agenda.


As part of the network of businesses that make up the Puyallup Sumner Chamber of Commerce, members have powerful government advocacy working on their behalf. There are a myriad of political issues that impact day-to-day business:


Whether bringing the goods/services to the consumer or having the consumers come to our business members, transportation affects everyone. The Chamber is dedicated to making sure our roadways are safe, reliable and efficient.

Education and Workforce Training

In the competitive business world, it is imperative to have skilled, well-educated employees. We are committed to helping businesses implement workforce training programs for new technologies. We are advocates for our education members at the state and federal levels

Flood Control

The Chamber actively advocates for advanced flood control for the Puyallup and White rivers, to ensure that homes and businesses are protected. With the necessary measures taken, the flow of commerce in the Puyallup and Sumner area will not be affected should flooding take place.

Permits, Taxes, Policies

Current and upcoming taxes and policies should be made with free enterprise in mind. Small businesses are the backbone of not only the economy, but our community. It is imperative current and pending legislation is not just fair to these businesses, but promotes growth, job creation, sustainability and quality of life.


South Sound Chamber of Commerce Legislative Coalition (SSCCLC)

The Puyallup Sumner Chamber of Commerce is a member of the South Sound Coalition dedicated to ensuring the South Sound area business community is receiving its fair share of care, funding and dedication from our elected state Representatives and Senators. As members of the SSCCLC, our Chamber is represented by a regional lobbyist who provides us with current legislative updates we share with our membership and creates opportunities for legislative input from our local businesses in Olympia.

The SSCCLC advocates for business and business-related policies impacting the South Sound region. Member chambers include: Auburn Area (Auburn, Algona & Pacific), Covington, Fife/Milton/Edgewood, Kent, Puyallup/Sumner, Renton and Southwest King County (Tukwila, SeaTac, Burien & Des Moines) Chambers of Commerce. Collectively, we represent approximately 3,262 businesses employing more than 185,977 workers with over $100 Billion in revenue in the South King County and North Pierce County region.

The primary goals of the Coalition are increasing jobs, competitiveness, and regional productivity. The South King and Pierce County region is an economic powerhouse for the state with significant manufacturing, retail, service and warehousing industries.

Military Affairs Committee

Meets: Ad Hoc
Purpose: The Chamber recognizes that our military is a valued asset and community partner contributing to our local economy and quality of life.

The Chamber partners with other organizations like AUSA and military programs such as Honorary Commanders to support JBLM through our business community. We sponsor an annual military luncheon, Host a Troop, providing opportunities for our members to invite local service men and women to join us for lunch, give an annual update and obtain input from our military guests about the region.

We also include the AUSA annual awards presentation at our January annual Economic Forecast and Awards Breakfast to recognize businesses who support our local military.

Business Education Committee

Meets: 1st Wednesday of every month; Noon-1:00pm; Chamber Board Room, 323 N. Meridian, Puyallup
Purpose: The Business Education Committee works to create a meaningful connection between the business and education communities and to provide business mentoring classes and resources for our members to grow their business and create jobs.

Education and Workforce Training:

In the competitive business world, it is imperative to have well-trained, well-educated employees. We are committed to helping businesses implement workforce training programs to stay on top of new technologies, and advocate for school funding for future generations. This funding will make certain that our schools are of high-quality today, so that students will be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

We work with our local schools, colleges and universities to identify new skills and technologies businesses are requiring as they create new curriculum to prepare students for future careers.
Our motto is “We have your employees here” and our goal is facilitate opportunities for our schools and businesses to develop a sustainable relationship that identifies:

  1. Entry level positions that teach soft skills
  2. Potential internship positions
  3. Provide needed certificated programs
  4. Skilled positions that require college degrees

Use your Chamber membership benefits to connect with schools and employers to create a sustainable ongoing partnership to identify and fill appropriate job opportunities.